Ein Agam (2017, 40 min) is a storytelling performance combining video and a monologue written and narrated by me.

The first part is based on my job as an extra in different Israeli TV productions. “Take2” agency sent me to participate in commercials, TV shows, reality series, and dramas. In those productions, I have tried to capture my own image represented by the television apparatus. When the productions were aired after several months I could search for my own images throughout the scenes.


The second part tells the story of my attempt to invite the Israeli former rockstar Aviv Geffen to participate in an upcoming project of mine, where he would play the role of himself as the 17-year-old uprising star he was. Geffen is an israeli famous rockstar since the 90’s, and after Rabin assassination (Israeli former PM) he also became a national icon for peace and opposition amongst liberal circles.

The project was exhibited in various platforms such as "Print Screen" festival, and "Docaviv" film festival. It is the winner of "Lookout" competition, a video art programe of Tel aviv student international film festival (TISFF).