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ALPHA CHANNEL (2020, two channel video installation, 30 mintes) consists of a 30 minute long video diptych, printed digital photographs, and objects such as tripods, lights, cables and etc are scattered in what appears to be a deserted set. Altogether, this environment creates an intense collage of videos, stills, and objects I gathered over the course of two years.


The materials were gathered through wandering in institutional and political spaces such as the Israeli police, or right wing political parties (Yisrael Beiteinu and the Likkud), in which I took the role of a spy with no alibi or any concrete purpose, who finds herself at the heart of the media spectacle. The attempt to find poetics in the blunt areas of the political front has sometimes led me to a dead end, to the accumulation of spam, to flooding, to poisoning, to a collapse of the consciousness. This is the state of mind I tried to convey in the connections I made in the weaving of the entire space.


The images resonate with the interface, its rhythm, its indifference and the mechanism it maintains. Although visually-generic images like screenshots and parts of WhatsApp correspondences were used, it was important for me to edit all of the materials through a personal and expressive filter, which presents an attempt at digesting and processing the collected information and eventually leads to what appears to be a self-portrait in a state of vomiting.


Text I've written following the work for "Koma6" Maggazine [HEB]


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