Cops, site specific video installation, 50 minutes loop (2019)

The video was shot in “The Israeli academy for cops” in Beit Shemesh (small town near Jerusalem). The college is located in a large scale campus that has been running since 2014 It and is well known for the huge resources invested in it in order to promote advanced studying methods which involve the latest technologies.

During the national holidays, the college opens its gates to the public and invites them to engage in a variety of performative activities such as simulations that show how to deal with violent scenarios – A performance which I documented, slowed down and rescaled to match the size of  a huge billboard.

the video was projected from the empty large balcony (around 100 sqm) of Bezalel’s MFA Building in Tel Aviv unto a large building under construction across the road which allows two points of views: from the Balcony and from the street as a passerby.